Fernando Justin

Pbp da Galera - UFC 128 "Shogun vs Jones"

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nada como PBP do Justin.

Valeu, brow!!!

Porra, tomara q o negão queira trocar mesmo.

Se ficar derrubando toda hora pode complicar.

será um eventaço e já vai começar.

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começou WAR SHOGUN


Round 1 - Assuncao opens with a body kick with Koch stuff. He then lands a low kick. Koch goes high with a kick, but it's checked. Both fighters are testing their range. Assuncao attempts a low-kick/punch combo, but Koch snuffs it out. The fighters trade low kicks before Assuncao gets through a nice short right. Assuncao with a low kick, but Koch is working the jab. Neither guys will sit in the pocket too long. Koch snaps off some low kicks and Assuncao answers. Koch then lands the fight's best body kick and then instantly drops the Brazilian with a quick right hand. Assuncao is knocked out cold by the show, and the ref jumps on Koch before the follow punches come.

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Boa noite galera!!

Na torcida por todos brasileiros,principalmente o Showgun.

Como esperei essa luta e com o pbp aberto é sinal que tá pertinho!!

Tbm não vejo quem está lendo o tópico.

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